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I Drew a Cat . Llun o Gath

Diverse Cat by Ani SaundersThis is a cat. I drew him. His alarming face is there to remind you that Diverse Music are 25 years old and they’ll be holding a BIG party to celebrate. You should probably go.

Dyma gath. Fi nath y llun. Ma’i wyneb syn fynna i’ch atgoffa fod Diverse Music yn dathlu eu penblwydd yn 25 oed trwy gynnal parti MAWR. Dylech chi fynd.


The MMP April Issue

UnderwatervPiano Dog by The Lovely Wars

It’s a piano-playing Waterdog, a drawing I did for the cover of the Miniature Music Press, a brilliant Cardiff-based monthly music mag. I must say, I’m very excited about this one as I love the MMP.