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Mwgwd gan Plyci – EP newydd! / Mwgwd by Plyci – new EP!

Gwaith celf gan Ani Saunders / Artwork by Ani Saunders

Fi mooooor ecseited! Mi fydd Plyci yn rhyddhau EP newydd, Mwgwd, ar label Peski yn y dyfydol agos iawn iawn iawn. Aaaa fi nath gal y fraint o wneud y gwaith celf eto. Hwre a henffych. Rwyf wrthi yn gwrando arno nawr ac mae’n rhywbeth hyfryd iawn.

Im zuper excited! Plyci will very very soon be releasing his new EP, Mwgwd, on Peski records and I had the privilege (I forced him to let me) of doing his artwork again. Joy and Jesus. I’m currently listening to it and it really is something very lovely.



Album Artwork for Plyci

Now I spent a good ol’ while making this guy above there. He’ll be on the album cover for the new set of sounds by the horribly talented Plyci (incidentaly, that hairy face is in fact his) out on the marvelous Peski records later this year. Below is the back and stuff:

He’s a floating face in space. Space is cool. Speaking of cool, we were in Geneva last weekend singing songs, getting high on ear candy and being frozen by the awesome wonder that is a non-polluted river. Clear waters are like tears from heaven. Amen.